Reserve your space same day or months in advance

By choosing MN8 Salon and Day Spa, you will have:

  • Your freedom to work as your circumstances allow
  • A premium, well established, solid foundation salon 
  • COVID-19 California standards and regulations 
  • Open space with over 4000 square foot and 13+ foot high ceilings

  • Front desk and guest reception

  • A sanitized work area and access to sanitizing products.

  • Stations 6 feet or more apart 

  • Immaculate and welcoming atmosphere

  • Easy-to-find location with ample parking

  • Certified clean air ensuring no fume or strong smells

  • State of the art air purifying system that traps chemical gases 

  • Large, beautiful and functional 100 Sq Ft rooms with sinks and more

  • Choice of 16 gallon luxury back bar free

  • Endless towel, gown, and cape service

  • A selfie pro-lighting photo wall

  • The freedom to sell your own products keeping 100% of your profits

  • Up to 21% commission from salon retail center

  • Multiple heating / air systems to ensure comfortable temperatures

  • Quality custom furnishings made for comfort and styling needs

  • Extended hours 7 days a week for scheduling convenience

  • RENT DAILY or HOURLY with all essential amenities


  • Weekly includes storage and locker and additional benefits

  • MN8 is IRS and EDD compliant.

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